Departments (Subjects)

TWGSB is a specialist Humanities school with a focus on History, English and Geography. That focus is reflected in the curriculum. Humanities status provides a mechanism for the development of new ideas to improve teaching and learning throughout the curriculum.

During Key Stage 3 all pupils study: English, Mathematics, Science, RE, PE, PSHE, Geography, History, French, Spanish, Art, Music, ICT, Design & Technology (Resistant materials, Graphics, Electronics and Food and Nutrition)

In Year 7 pupils study French but from the start of Year 8 they also study Spanish. Throughout the key stage Drama is taught by specialist staff within a carousel arrangement for English. The subjects taught within Design and Technology are different in each year group.

At Key Stage 4 all students follow a core curriculum of: English, Mathematics, separate Sciences, one Modern Foreign Language, RE, PE, PSHE

In addition students choose three option subjects from the list below:
Art, Business Studies, Drama, Electronics, Geography, Geology, Graphics, History, ICT, Music, PE, Statistics and a second Modern Foreign Language.

In Year 12 students study four AS levels and General Studies. They also study PSHE and Games/Enrichment.

In Year 13 most students drop one of their AS level subjects but some continue with all four. Students may also decide to follow the Y.A.S.S. (Young Applicants in Schools and Colleges Scheme) course as preparation for university.

The following subjects are available at A level:
Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, English (Literature or Language and Literature), Economics, Economics and Business, Electronics, French, Geography, Government and Politics, Graphics, History, ICT, Mathematics (Decision, Mechanics, Statistics and Further), Media Studies, Music, Music Technology, PE, Philosophy and Ethics, Photography, Physics, Product Design, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish and Theatre Studies.

Additional options are available for students to choose via collaborative arrangements with Skinners and Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School.


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