Sixth Form


A Levels in the subjects listed below will taught and examined at full A Level standard with all examinations being taken at the end of the two year course in Year 13.

Art and Design, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Drama and Theatre Studies, Economics, English Language and Literature, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Music, Physical Education, Sociology, Spanish (correct @ October 2015)

Students who drop one of these subjects at the end of Year 12 will be able to take an AS exam as a stand-alone qualification, if they wish, but not until the end of Year 13. Marks received for an AS exam will not contribute towards the A Level grade.

Many of the new specifications have still to be accredited by OFQUAL and so decisions on which specification to follow may not yet have been taken by some departments.

Other subjects (see below) will follow the residual specifications with AS exams being taken at the end of Year 12 and contributing 50% to the final A Level grade. In these subjects the A2 courses will start in June of Year 12 immediately after the AS examinations have finished. Progression to Year 13 in residual specifications would not be considered advisable unless the student achieves at least a D grade in the AS examinations of that subject.

DT: Resistant Materials, DT: Graphic Products, Government and Politics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Media Studies, Music Technology, Philosophy and Ethics (correct @ October 2015).

Full details of the Sixth Form curriculum may be found in the Sixth Form Prospctus. (correct @ October 2015).