Clubs & Clinics

Lunchtime Clubs and Clinics

Updated November 2016 (these are subject to change)

Year 7 Art Club (Ms Kublik)
‘Make a Monster’, Tuesdays, 12.45–13.15, AR2.

Year 8 Art Club (Ms Kublik)
‘Build a Bug’, Thursdays, 12.45–13.15, AR2.

Art Clinic – Open Studios (Art Dept Staff)
Open Studios for any students who want to come and work on their Art work.
Tuesdays, Wednedsays and Thursdays, 12.45-13.15, Art Dept.

Chess Club (Mr Lesquerre)
Thursdays, 12.35-13.25, Lab 5, beginners and all years welcome.

Bridge Club (Miss Connell)
Thursdays, 12.45-13.25, M4, open to all.
Bridge is good way to develop thinking skills and is a very sociable game. Bridge Club caters for pupils of all ages and abilities. Most members are new to the game and the aim is to improve over the course of the year.

Drama Club (Mrs Rose)
Mondays, 12.45-13.25, Drama Studio open to all.
Students who take an interest in drama can come along and take part in various games and activities designed to develop and enhance their theatrical knowledge and acting skills… and have fun!

Vex Robotics (Mr Hamilton)
Tuesdays, 12:30-13:25, Lab 2, Year 8

KS4/5 Design Technologist Club (Mr Kirk)
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 13:00-13:25, Room 7 & 8, GCSE and A Level Students.
Designed to advance students’ knowledge, understanding and applications of resistant materials. Aimed at furthering confidence and competence in a range of essential skills required of students in the theoretical and practical elements within the GCSE and A-level specifications.

Scale Model Making Club (Mr Ash and Mr Roberts)
Fridays, 12.35-13.25, Lab 11, Open to all.

Lego Robotics (Mr Smith)
Wednesdays, 12.35-13.25, Room 10, Year 7 and Year 8. It is aimed at lower school students who have an interest in robotics and programming. Robots are built from Lego Mindstorms NXT kits and teams compete to perform challenges both within school and at the annual First Lego League.

Design Technology Clinic (Mr Kirk)
Tuesday and Thursday, 12:35-13:25, Room 7 and 8.
Tuesday, 15:35-17:30, Room 7 and 8.

ICT and Computing Clinic (Mr Humphrey)
Wednesdays, 12:50-13:20, Room 31. Help is available to students with programming and ICT issues. These can be issues relating to class work or homework and is open to all year groups.

Science Club (Mr Lesquerre)
Tuesdays, 12.45-13.25, Lab 5, Open to all.
The aim is to involve students in small, quick and fun science projects to develop their practical skills and learn some theory at the same time!

Biology Clinic 1 (Dr Donovan)
This group is aimed at KS3 and KS4 students. Tuesdays, 12.30 in Lab 8.

Biology Clinic 2 (Mrs Dhanowa)
This club is for AS, A2 and GCSE Biology 12.45-13.25 in lab 7, every Monday lunchtime.

Chemistry A Level Clinic (Mr Seabrook)
Wednesdays, 12.45-13.30, Lab 1.

Chemistry GCSE Clinic (Dr Sturley and Mr Haffenden)
Wednesdays, 12.45-13.30, Lab 4.
Chemistry Clinic offers Academic support via mentoring for Chemistry GCSE and A-Level. Volunteer Sixth Formers help

Physics clinic (Mr Lesquerre)
Fridays, 12.40-13.25, Open to all, Lab 5.

Physics Clinic welcomes students with any sort of queries related to the subject. They will be provided with support for their projects or homework and help in understanding new concepts. Volunteer Sixth Formers help.

Book Clubs

South East Schools’ Themed Book Award (Mrs Musselwhite Steel)
Meets fortnightly, 12.30-13.00. Day to be arranged. (October to March), Library - Open to all. Involves reading five books from either a Teens category or Young Adult. There is a chance to make a trailer of one of the books and there is a celebration evening shared with local schools at which an author will speak and take questions.

Carnegie Shadowing Group (Mrs Musselwhite Steel)
Meets weekly 12.30-13.00. Day to be arranged (April-June), Library - Years 7, 8 and 9.
Schools around the country, shadow the judging process for the prestigious Carnegie Medal, awarded for literature written for young people. At TWGSB, our shadowing group reads the 8 shortlisted books, meets weekly to discuss the books, eat biscuits and prepare for an inter school debate with TWGGS, Skinners and SKA.

Media Studies clinic (Ms Johnson)
GCSE and A Level clinic Thursday lunchtimes in Room 43.


  • GCSE Composition Clinic: Monday 12.45-13.30, Years 10 and 11.
  • Brass Ensemble: Tuesday 13:00-13:30, all years, MU2.
  • Senior Orchestra: Tuesday 12:35-13.25, Years 9 to 13, MU1.
  • Drumming Ensemble: Tuesday 13:00-13:30, Live Room.
  • Contemporary Vocal Ensemble: Wednesday 12:45-13:20, all years.
  • Rock School 1: Wednesday 12:45-13:25, all years, Live Room.
  • Beginners Guitar group: Wednesday 13:00-13:30, all years, MU1.
  • Rock School 2: Thursday 13:00-13:30, Year 9, Live Room.
  • Junior Orchestra: Thursday 12:45-13:25, Years 7 and 8, MU1.
  • Soul Band: Thursday 15:45-16:45, Minimum Grade 3 Standard, MU2.
  • Rock School 3: Friday 12:45-13.25, all years, MU2.
  • Years 7, 8 and 9 Catch up: Friday 13:00-13:30.

PE/Sport (Mr Downing)
The PE department run sports clubs throughout the year. In the spring and winter terms the boys can enjoy football, rugby, basketball and badminton clubs. In the summer terms there are tennis, cricket and athletics clubs. In the sixth form, students have the benefit of the St Johns Leisure centre swimming pool. The clubs are open to all regardless of ability. Pease see our weekly fixtures and practices list on the website.

Latin Club (Mrs Croot)
Wednesdays, 12:45-13:25, Room 21, Years 7 and 8.
Learn Latin from scratch (or ab initio, as they say in Latin). It will help you with French and Spanish as well as improving your English.

French and Spanish (Mrs Mason)
Help with homework, Thursdays and Fridays in Room 27. 12:30-13:00

French Skills Club (Mrs Moreau)

Thursdays, 12:45-13.15, Room 21 or 24. Have fun with quizzes and crosswords, and GCSE oral practice.

Spanish Club (Mrs Bainbridge)
Come and practice your spanish. 12:30-13:00
Wednesdays Week 1: Years 9 and 10, Room 23
Fridays Week 2: Year 11, Room 24

History Club (Mr Strongman)
Mondays, 12.45-13.25, Room 41, Years 7-11.
If you are passionate about History and would like to discuss particular events or people and help display some of the departments artefacts from both World Wars come to History club.  Teachers will also be available to help with assessed assignments and GCSE questions as well as different revision techniques.

Debating Society (Mr Strongman, Mr Mason and Mr Chisolm)
Thursdays 12.45-13.25, Room 41, Open to Years 9 - 13.
We will debate important issues facing society. This is an excellent opportunity to come and listen to different points of view and develop your ability to discuss issues and put across your arguments.

Philosophical Fictions (Mrs Hawkes)
Wednesdays, 12:30–13:00, Room 46, Years 7-9.
This is an opportunity for KS3 students to explore issues contained in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics through film and the media. In each session we will focus on a film, clip or any type of popular media which will fuel a debate or discussion exploring the key ethical issues and philosophical ideas. The students will have the opportunity to use their own knowledge and any information learned in lessons. This will help students grow in confidence, improve public speaking skills and provide them with a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Religion and Philosophy Lunchtime Workshops (Mrs Hawkes)
These workshops are run in order to help improve your GCSE, AS and A level grades, through group discussions and debates. We will also be going through exam technique and have an open forum to discuss certain aspects of the course in further depth and to ask meaningful questions in a more informal learning environment.

From January onwards:

  • Mondays, Year 12, Philosophy and Ethics – Room 47
  • Thursdays, Year 11, Life Issues and Morality – Room 47
  • Fridays, Year 13, Life, Death and Life after death – Room 47

English ‘drop in’ Clinic: 12.30-13:00

  • Ms Lovera: Tuesdays E6
  • Mrs Burns: Thursdays E3
  • Mr Gould: Fridays E1

Any pupil who feels they need a little extra input or has specific questions that need answering regarding their class work or exam preparation.

Sociology Clinic (Mr Skues)
Thursdays 12.30-13.00 in TB4. Academic support, mentoring and revision for Sixth Form Students studying Sociology.

Maths Clinic
Maths Clinic is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes at 12 30 in M6.
Under staff supervision, sixth formers offer individual or small group help to pupils in Years 7-11, but sixth formers are always welcome to come for help themselves. Pupils usually drop-in but may choose to arrange appointments. By making an appointment it is possible to arrange for a pupil to work over several sessions with the same sixth former.

Maths (for details of days and times please speak to your maths teacher)

'Maths in Motion’ – Grand Prix racing (Mr Young and Mrs Johnston)
We hold our own Grand Prix season using the “Maths in Motion” software. Pupils can work on their car set-ups and conduct practice laps at lunchtimes in M1 in preparation for the race on Friday. We also take part in the Jaguar-sponsored national competitions with great success and were the 2008 UK KS3 Champions, 2010 UK KS4 Runners-Up, UK Finalists in 2011 to 2015, as well as winning various one-off national races. The activity is open to Years 7 to 11.

The Junior Maths Enrichment Club (Mrs Hayyeh)
From January onwards, this club meets at various times through the year and is often a way for a student to get involved in various national and local competitions and events. In recent years, for example, the Club has participated in various challenges set by universities here and in America, and in the UK Team Challenge. Ask Mrs Hayyeh for details.

National Cipher Challenge (Mr Morris)
Sponsored by IBM and GCHQ amongst others and run by Southampton University, the Cipher Challenge runs from October to January. TWGSB often has one of the largest entries from Kent. It attracts students who enjoy using mathematics and computing in novel and interesting ways. Students work in teams to break ciphers of increasing complexity, with points awarded for accuracy and speed. The competition is open to everyone from Year 7 to Y13, but it is recommended that anyone contemplating studying maths or a maths-related subject at university should participate in the competition. Support and guidance is provided on Mondays, from 12:40-13:20 by Mr Morris in NB1.

The Sixth Form Maths Club (Mr Morris)
The Club is open to pupils of all abilities in the sixth form and fulfils a number of roles. First, it provides a drop-in support service for students who need help with their AS/A2 work. Second, there will be occasions when we look at how Maths developed and some uses of Maths in the “real world”, often encountering topics outside of the A-Level syllabus. Third, the Club helps prepare students for the various individual and team competitions that we participate in, including those run by the UK Maths Trust. Finally, the Club provides tuition and support for students wanting to sit additional examination papers, such as STEP, MAT and Advanced Extension Award. The Club Meets in NB1 on Wednesdays from 12:40-13:00.

Business and Economics clinics (Mr Ross, Mrs Taylor and Mr Crothers)
Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes – GCSE and A Level, TB2 and TB3.

Young Enterprise (Mr Crothers)
Tuesdays, two hours once a week, TB3, Year 12 only.
Two hour meetings once a week and production in October through to July. Speaker competition, Trade Fairs, events and County and National finals.

Model United Nations General Assembly (MUNGA) (Mr Rockell)
Thursdays 12:45 in NB3 for Years 12/13.
This is an inter-school competition involving representing different nations at a pretend UN General Assembly held in the Town Hall. This will not only help your studies especially if you are taking history or politics or business, but beef up your UCAS application.

Eco Club (Ms Lovera and Dr Sturley)
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 12.25-13.25, Lab 4, Open to all.
This club is for keen Eco Warriors who want to help improve the school’s environmental audit. Activities include the allotment, recycling, renewable energies and biodiversity.

LGBT Club (Mrs Cameron and Mrs Peadon)
Tuesdays, 12:45-13:30, Room 43, Open to all.

Christian Union (Mr Carr and Mr Roberts)
Thursdays, 12.35-13.25, Seminar Room. All welcome.
The school Christian Union is open to students from all year groups to attend whether professing Christians or not. The club provides an opportunity for Christian fellowship and support as well as a forum for those investigating the Christian faith.

Fusion drop in’ (Mrs Cameron)
‘Fusion drop-in’ in room 31 Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 12.45–13.15. This is led by sixth formers to support younger students. Please feel welcome to drop in and ask a quick question about anything that may be worrying you or ask for more ongoing support for more challenging issues.

Young Carers (Mrs Cameron)

Monday lunchtimes in Room 31.