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Welcome from the Head Student

Welcome to the TWGSB website. My name is Adam Sturgeon and I will be the Head Student here at TWGSB throughout the next academic year (2016-2017) - a role which I am delighted to be fulfilling.

Just a little note about myself - I am currently studying History, Geography, Spanish and Maths and am hoping to study Law with Spanish at university.

After six years at the school I have witnessed lots of positive changes, and during my last year I aim to contribute to the development of the school for everyone’s benefit. This is on more than just an academic level, as here at TWGSB, the broad range of activities and opportunities makes the school far more than just an academic institution. There is something to suit everybody, with fantastic sports teams and facilities, in particular the all-weather 3G, along with music and drama for the more creative, and a huge variety of clubs. Whether you wish to play chess, enjoy chemistry or like to debate, you will be able to find an activity. Students are encouraged to showcase their skills and all that they have learned, through concerts, drama productions, arts fairs and awards ceremonies at the end of the year which recognise academic excellence and effort.

Across all years in the school, there is a range of trips to help improve subject knowledge, and give students an alternative way of learning. This is built on by subject-specific support clubs and clinics open to everyone. There are always staff on hand to deal with any queries that pupils may have.

I am thrilled to be leading the Head Student Team this year, which consists of Chris Boxley, Tom Connolly, Chris Pruce, Josh Rapley and Natalie Waller. Along with the Senior Prefect Team, we will liaise with the senior management, to act as the voice for the student body. Our goal is to ensure all pupils feel well supported, and to offer advice and guidance from our personal experience over the last six years.  

My chosen charity is Demelza House, hospice care for children in Kent and Sussex. All money raised throughout the year by the Senior Prefect Team will go directly to Demelza House, giving young people a chance to enjoy their short lives, and supporting their families. TWGSB helps us make the most of our lives and we now have an opportunity to help children, who may not live a long life, to live a full life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 



2016-2017 Sixth Form Senior Prefect and Headstudents Team